Campbell Soup

“Attribute Drivers: A Factor Analytic Choice Map Approach for Modeling Choices Among SKUs at Campbell Soup” by Ashish Sinha, J. Jeffrey Inman, Debbie Samuels and Yantao Wang.
IRI developed a product called Attribute Drivers that is used by a number of its key clients to understand consumer’s choices among SKUs. The application of this approach at Campbell’s Soup helped Campbell’s grow revenues at twice the category growth rate during a climate of high product proliferation, a slow economy and a five-year decline in sales. The model helped the company make decisions pertaining to re-staging one of the brands in the portfolio, and fuels a decision support system that enables the company to identify the optimal mix of products at the national level as well as at the account level (e.g., Kroger). The model has been used in the shaving category to understand the price gap between the client’s brand and the premium brand in the category, thereby helping the client make more effective pricing decisions and in the salty snack category in to support the addition and deletion of SKUs. The model has been successfully applied to 22 client situations across 12 companies.